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Natural Remedies Provide Relief from Chronic Sinusitis

If you have been suffering from a series of chronic sinus infections year after year your doctor may have sent you for an allergy test or for a visit with the Ears, Nose and throat Specialist. A common practice for medical practitioners is to prescribe a steroid nasal spray which can provide some relief for a short period of time for most patients. However, if you have found that the effectiveness of the nasal spray has lessened you may be searching for something to provide relief from the constant sniffling, post nasal drip and head pain related with sinus infections. There are some natural remedies that have proved to be effective in easing the symptoms of sinus infection you might be interested in trying.

Antibiotics Ineffective for Sinus Infections

It has long been argued what exactly the correct prescription should be for patients presenting with signs of sinusitis. In fact, it has even been disputed exactly when a patient does in fact have a sinus infection. The common symptoms most patients present with when suffering with a true blown infection include:

  • Facial pain especially when you shift position or lean forward
  • Discharge from the nose that is green, yellow or brown
  • Coughing up green, yellow or brown phlegm
  • Post nasal drip
  • Congestion
  • Fever

Antibiotics may be prescribed for sinusitis however because of the bacterial and fungal nature of the infection they are not always effective. This is one of the reasons they may recur.

Echinacea and Golden Seal

This herbal combo has been dubbed the dynamic duo. They provide a double whammy for assisting in many ailments including boosting your immune system and treating cold and flu symptoms, tummy troubles and urinary tract infection. Echinacea stimulates your defence system while golden seal helps control the irritating inflammatory symptoms and mucous production associated with repeat sinus infections. It is these two treatments that also make golden seal an effective remedy for tummy troubles which can cause inflammation of the stomach’s lining as well as the bowels. The production of mucous can coat everything from sinuses and eyes to urinary tracts, digestive tracts and upper respiratory tracts. Golden seal is the enemy of mucous and is very effective in removing it from your system.


Sage is a common herb favoured in the preparation of poultry dishes. Your thanksgiving turkey has probably been dressed with a sage stuffing at least once in your life. However, sage also has a powerful diaphoretic effect which means it aids in the flow of bodily fluids. Sipping sage tea a few times a day allows sage to act as an expectorant to help remove the mucous as well as to aid in getting it moving when you are plugged up.

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis you should consider speaking to a Naturopath who can recommend the proper dosage of these herbal remedies so you can best benefits from there natural healing effects.