Dr. Farah Dobani-Budhani - Psychology

Dr. Farah Dobani-Budhani PhD, C.Psych

Dr. Farah Dobani-Budhani received her doctorate from York University in the Clinical-Developmental Psychology program. She completed the research component of her doctoral work at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Australia.

Dr. Dobani has been involved in the study and practice of mental health for over a decade. She has worked diligently with children and families to help resolve challenges as they present by promoting the strengths of each client, family, and system. She has refined a variety of intervention techniques including both structured and semi-structured behavioural methods as well as play based psychotherapy.

Dr. Dobani emphasizes the importance of a healthy attachment relationship and actively involves parent and child in both assessment and treatment. She has worked in a number of mental health settings offering child and parent-child psychotherapy from birth to adolescence, including Sick Kids Hospital, The Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and the Hincks-Dellcrest Center. Dr. Dobani has been trained in the Watch, Wait, and Wonder parent-infant/toddler treatment for children displaying mood, anxiety, and disruptive behaviours, as well as children whose parents struggle with challenges of their own (i.e. post-partum disorders, mood anxiety, and personality issues). Her interests and passion include treatment of children and adolescents presenting with oppositional behaviours, issues around gender identity, school refusal, and mood and anxiety. Dr. Dobani has vast experience in parent counselling which is often paired with the treatment of school-aged children.

Through Dr. Dobani’s varied geographic, cultural, and socio-economic experience, she has learned the importance of early intervention and the resolution of early life events and upholds this understanding in her practice.