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Liljana Musaraj RMT

Liljana Musaraj is an RMT who graduated from Humber Collage in 2019. She is extremely passionate about the role of massage in healthcare and is a strong advocate of its benefits. Her passion for wellness and creating meaningful relationships with people is what motivated her to start a career in massage therapy.

Liljanagoes beyond treating symptoms as they appearand focuseson getting to the root of your problem. She provides a variety of treatments, including deep tissue treatment with an emphasis on trigger point release and myofascial work. As a patient you will be provided with an individualised treatment plan targeting the cause of your symptoms, not just symptom management.

Liljana is a strong believer in managing healthcare in a holistic manner. This means treating the body as a whole and practicing preventative care. She believes that massage can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being. Massage can be a great tool for relaxation, but also be beneficial for managing chronic pain, poor posture, anxiety, depression and many musculoskeletal injuries aches and pains.

She is especially passionate aboutwomen’s health and is ready to support you on your individual journey throughout the many different stages of your life.