Nadine Khoury MHScRegistered Dietitian

Nadine Khoury, RD has been a leading nutrition educator in the Toronto area for over 20 years. She worked for many years as a clinical dietitian at Sunnybrook hospital and then became clinic manager at the Medcan clinic, where she also offered nutrition counselling. She has led several corporate nutrition programs; developed online health webinars and has been interviewed for her expertise by several media outlets including Global News and CBC Radio.

Nadine strives to find the root of her client’s health imbalances and shows them step-by-step how to maximize their body's natural healing potential through food and nutrition. Nadine has extensive experience in developing individualized nutrition plans for various health requirements, including (but not limited to) weight management, body composition changes, sports performance, digestive health, inflammatory conditions (i.e. arthritis, migraines, food intolerances, PCOS), prenatal/fertility nutrition, and vegan/vegetarians’ lifestyles. Her services are ideal for people who have a history of poor dietary/lifestyle habits, those looking to improve or prevent a chronic health condition (i.e. heart disease or diabetes) or to identify foods that trigger symptoms.

Whether you know how but lack the motivation or if you are motivated but don’t know where to start, Nadine guarantees customized nutrition therapy to optimize your health and will coach you to success.

Nutrition Coaching

Nadine offers nutrition coaching in-person, over the phone and online through Skype. During your sessions with Nadine, you will establish a realistic, easy-to-follow, satisfying nutrition plan that considers your individual needs, activity level, food preferences and lifestyle. You will also receive support and accountability and develop the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation that you need to make positive changes and reach your goals.